Stalactites Restaurant | Melbourne CBD

It’s been four weeks since the lockdown started here and I have to admit I’ve enjoyed all the extra home cooking I’ve been doing. I love being in the kitchen (on most days) and being able to eat healthier in general. It doesn’t mean I don’t miss a handful of restaurants or takeaway places in the city though. One of the cuisines I miss the most is Greek cuisine. I love my souvlaki, moussaka and loukoumades (Greek doughnuts). So here’s a little throwback to our visit to Stalactites a long time ago during our trip to Melbourne. This very well-known restaurant is located in the CBD and is ran by the same family since the 1970’s. It’s open for long hours everyday, and can get absolutely packed. When we finally got a chance to eat there, I understood why the queues can get so long.

Saganaki (AU$14.00)
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Mad Hatter High Tea | Wellington CBD

Back in early February, there was an Alice in Wonderland exhibit at the Te Papa Museum. It wasn’t a huge one, but it was pretty cool with all the information about Lewis Carroll’s literary work and the movies that were made. Because of that, a handful of places offered high tea with the Alice in Wonderland theme. I’m not a big Alice fan, but I LOVE having afternoon tea. So off we went to Whitby’s at the James Cook Hotel to try their Mad Hatter High Tea set.

Mad Hatter High Tea set for 2 (NZ$39.00/ person)
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Pour & Twist | Wellington CBD

Things have been crazy over the past few weeks, so I think it’s important to find happiness in the things we do to help keep us sane. So here I am, trying to get back into writing blog posts, while my immense backlog of video games and books to be read are waiting to be tackled too. With how things currently stand, S and I aren’t able to go to restaurants or cafes as much as we used to. We did, however, still get to visit one before the first case of the virus found itself in Welly. Pour & Twist used to have a stall inside Reading Cinemas a long time ago. When the building got closed down for earthquake strengthening, they opened their own shop along Garrett Street.

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Roll’d Vietnamese | Melbourne CBD

One of the places we visited while in Melbourne was the National Gallery of Victoria. I am such a big geek that museums are a must whenever we travel. S and I were aware that it might take us several hours to finish going through all the rooms in the NGV, so we decided to grab some food before heading there.

It was a very hot summer day and we weren’t keen on eating something heavy. Good thing I remembered my brother recommending Roll’d to us and we decided to get some of their Soldiers (rice paper rolls) and a bowl of BBQ Chicken Noodle Salad.

(From top to bottom) Garlic Prawn, Soft Shell Crab and two Roast Duck Soldiers
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