Things We Love About Wellington

It’s been a year since S and I first set foot in New Zealand. Back then, we both didn’t know what this part of the world had in store for us. We hardly knew anyone and although we were excited, deep inside we were also a bit nervous. What if things don’t go as smoothly as we expected? What if we don’t get to adjust? Thankfully, all those worries were proven unnecessary. Just a couple of days in, S and I have fallen in love with Wellington. There are many reasons why we’re happy to be here. Here are just a few:

Wellington Central Library

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[Wellington] Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant: Abel Smith Street

I can’t believe it’s already February! I know everyone else says it, but it really did feel like January just whooshed past us so quickly. A friend of ours will be leaving for a 2-week trip to Mexico mid-February as part of her company’s recognition program and we had a little dinner to celebrate her success. We headed to Southern Cross Garden Bar, which wasn’t too far away from where we all lived. The inside of the place was absolutely gorgeous; so spacious and way bigger than what it looked like from the outside.

pork belly bites
Pork Belly Bites

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[Wellington] Daruma: Cuba Street

S and I enjoy the novelty of the conveyor belt sushi. We don’t go often, but it’s always so much fun when we do. Daruma was the first conveyor belt sushi place we’ve been to in Wellington. They were having the ‘salmon festival’ during out visit and so a good amount of the dishes going around were centered on that type of fish. I’m not complaining because I love salmon!

salmon sashimi

I was too engrossed with eating and looking at the items passing in front of us that I forgot about taking photos most of the time.  I remembered to snap some during the start of our meal, including this one of the salmon sashimi. Like most of the ones we’ve eaten here in Welly, these were silky smooth and delicious! I could have chosen to eat just platters of these and I would have been one happy lady.

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Lego Wonders of the World Exhibit: Te Papa Museum

I’ll be honest: I much more enjoy looking at other people’s Lego creations than building my own. I’ve tried my hand in putting those little car ones together before and I did have fun. I just don’t think I have the patience to build a massive Lego structure on my own. Having said that, you can probably imagine how dumbstruck I was to see the things displayed at the Lego Wonders of the World exhibit. I missed out on visiting Legoland when I was in Malaysia, but I made sure S and I dropped by Te Papa Museum when this exhibit opened to the public.

Te Papa Museum entrance

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[Wellington] Mama Brown: Wakefield Street

S and I have been to Mama Brown with friends for more times than I’d like to admit. Our first visit was for brunch and the rest were for their 2-for-1 Mains promo held Wednesdays. Mama Brown’s not super expensive, but it isn’t exactly the cheapest either. Their mains are ginormous and comes with fries and slaw, though, so availing of the promo makes dining there a lot more worth it. The promo does limit the selection, but we’re planning on trying their stuff some other time once we’re tired of their mains.

Kentucky Brown Boy
Kentucky Hot Brown Boy

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[Auckland] Boracay Garden Restaurant: Customs Street West

S and I spent Christmas last year in Auckland with some of our friends. We stayed there for a couple of days, mainly to check out what Boxing Day deals we could find. Unfortunately we didn’t get to score a lot of good deals, but we did end up meeting a handful of lovely people there and also eating a lot of Filipino food. A majority were home-cooked meals in the houses of other Pinoys, but our last dinner in Auckland was at Boracay Garden Restaurant.

Seeing there were only four of us in the group this time, we didn’t order a lot different types of food. We did go for the larger servings for each item, which was said to feed 2-3 persons.


The first thing to arrive at our table was the Sotanghon (NZ$25.00). This cellophane noodle dish was very flavorful and filled with lots of chicken and vegetables. This was a favorite among the group, and personally, I think this was already the highlight of the entire meal.

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A Look into Splendor

2018 seems to continue as a year for gaming love here in our home! As we weren’t able to fly back to Manila for the holidays, my husband and I decided to play hosts for a small gathering of sorts for New Year’s Eve. My cooking that night was unfortunately not my best, but thankfully it didn’t spoil the rest of our evening. We welcomed the new year with our friends over food, drinks and both board games and video games. It’s an awesome way to start the year, in my humble opinion. One of the most loved games at our disposal right now is called Splendor.

Splendor is designed by Marc André and published by Space Cowboys. It’s a 2-4 player resource management game which focuses on collecting the gems you need to acquire development cards, which in turn will earn you prestige points. The first one to reach 15 points wins the game. Pretty easy, right?

Splendor set up

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