Tatsushi | Wellington CBD

In all the searches we’ve done online, Tatsushi was the one which came up the most recommended when it came to real Japanese food in Wellington. We couldn’t pass up on the chance to try it out, so S and I went there early on a Saturday night. We arrived at 5:30pm but the place was already brimming with activity! We spotted several tables occupied by Japanese patrons too. I took that as a sign of good things to come and let me say, the place did not disappoint.

S and I both ordered off their set menus then shared all the items between the two of us. Everything came in small portions but we still ended up feeling satiated afterwards. That’s a very positive thing in my book!

Tatsushi_sashimi and miso soup


Sashimi and Nigiri. These iconic morsels are always part of our meal whenever we go to a Japanese place. The ones from Tatsushi were some of the best ones we’ve had in Welly. Our favorite was the salmon ones! Those simply melted in our mouths and were just so, so good!


Tatsushi_chicken karaage

Deep Fried Staples. 9 out of 10 times, we get either some sort of tempura or chicken karaage as our side dish. In this case, both were options in our sets and we were more than happy to have them on the table.

Tatsushi_octopus karaage

Tako (Octopus) Karaage. If you’ve ever dined with me, you’ll know my eyes tend to wander through the menu and/or specialty boards and land on the more unusual stuff being offered. These chopped up and battered octopus pieces were the bomb! Even better than the chicken karaage ones, in my opinion.

Tatsushi_agedahi tofu

Tatsushi_homemade tofu

Tofu. I learned to love eating tofu slowly over the years, aided in part by having the right people prepare the ingredient properly. Agedashi tofu is one of my favorite soybean dishes, but the homemade tofu from Tatsushi reminded me that the simplest methods bring out the best. Served warm, the delicate tofu is scooped onto smaller bowls, topped with katsuobushi/bonito flakes, spring onions and ginger. I guess you could pour a bit of soy sauce on it too, but I really enjoyed this one plain. It took the restaurant some time to serve this to us, but it was well worth the wait.


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