November Favorites

Okay, not all the things on this list were necessarily bought during the month of November. Some of them were with me for far longer, but it was only during November when I was able to fully enjoy having them with me. I have a pretty mixed bag here, with things for the home, a bit of fashion and a game thrown in for good measure. I don’t know if this favorites list will be something I do monthly, because believe it or not, I’m not much of a spender. I swear!

Skechers Go Lite

Skechers Go Step Lite Royal walking shoes. I walk a lot here in Wellington. Hitting that daily step count is easy peasy. My sneakers are thankfully very comfortable and have gotten a good battering from me. Lately I’m too lazy to tie my laces just for a quick trip to the local Countdown, so I bought these slip-ons when they went up for sale.  I couldn’t be any happier! They’re very lightweight and awesome to use whenever, especially now that it’s summer in NZ!

Missoma Large Horn necklace


Missoma x Lucy Williams Large Horn necklace. I normally wear only two types of jewelry: the pair of earrings my parents gifted me years ago and my wedding ring. However, when I spotted this necklace floating around my social media accounts, I knew I had to have it. It took me a while before taking the plunge as it wasn’t exactly the cheapest thing in the world. It was also my first time to order something so precious from the UK and I was extremely worried something will go wrong along the way. I was over the moon when it finally arrived! No horrific parcel delivery experiences and definitely no regrets buying this beautiful piece at all. Best of all, it’s easy to wear and style.



Aesop Resurrection hand wash

Aesop Resurrection hand wash. I’m not going to lie, this hand wash scared the life out of S when he realized how much it costs. However, this was so worth the splurge. I never knew the combination of orange, rosemary and lavender can be so intoxicating! The scent isn’t too sweet or flowery. To be honest, I save this for when my hands are in dire need of some serious washing (i.e. after handling seafood) or when I just want a quick mood boost. As a bonus, the lovely lady at the Aesop counter gave me a shiz ton of freebies too! Oh, and if you’re curious: Yes, S has gotten over the shock and is now an Aesop convert.

Starbucks Xmas Fox mug

Starbucks Christmas Fox mug. This mug was a complete impulse purchase. I was queuing for coffee when I saw it sitting on one of the store shelves. In a matter of minutes, I had my complimentary cold brew and the mug safely nestled in its paper bag. I’m still contemplating whether I’ll replace my current mug with it or just put it alongside my other Starbucks mugs/tumblers on display. I just can’t quite decide yet.

Monpoly Wellington

Wellington Monopoly board game. I remember having the standard Monopoly board game when I was a kid, but I had nobody to play it with. It ultimately ended up gathering dust in one corner of our house, with a few pieces missing because I’d take them out and forget to put them back in the box. When S and I arrived in New Zealand and learned that there was a Welly version of Monopoly coming out, we decided to get a copy. We’ve played against each other multiple times, with me losing time and time again. I feel like crap whenever I lose, but I’m still happy we bought the game.

Do you have some of the things on this list? I’d love to know your favorites too!


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