HUSK Bar & Eatery | Wellington CBD

On the random Sundays when I have nothing in my pantry for breakfast, I pester S to head out early for brunch. He normally doesn’t enjoy having his weekend lie-in’s cut short, but the promise of some good grub is always a great motivator.  HUSK isn’t very far from our flat and we’ve heard good things about the place. Instead of visiting for drinks in the evening like most people, though, we thought a meal on a quiet morning was more up our alley. We’re such oldies.


Husk_Flat White

Flat White. I was pleasantly surprised when S ordered a cup of coffee for himself because he almost never does that. We enjoyed our cups of flat white while waiting for the food to arrive. The coffee was quite strong, which was a characteristic I absolutely enjoyed.

Husk_Confit Duck Burger


Brunch Items. We arrived at Husk starving, so we were ecstatic when these generous platters landed on our table. The Confit Duck Burger and Shakshouka filled our bellies nicely. I was so stuffed afterwards that I couldn’t think of food until dinner. Trust me, that’s very unlike me.

The polenta bread slices which came with my shakshouka complimented the poached eggs and spicy tomato sauce perfectly. I loved every bite! S’s duck burger was equally tasty, especially with that awesome rhubarb chutney inside. We both agreed Husk has one of the best brunch items we’ve enjoyed by far.

It’s a place to check out if you’re into brunching at places with a cool ambiance and has lovely service. Best of all, it’s tucked away from the main street and the crowd! A big A+ for introverted me.



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