Daruma | Wellington CBD

S and I enjoy the novelty of the conveyor belt sushi. We don’t go often, but it’s always so much fun when we do. Daruma was the first conveyor belt sushi place we’ve been to in Wellington. They were having the ‘salmon festival’ during out visit and so a good amount of the dishes going around were centered on that type of fish. I’m not complaining because I love salmon!

salmon sashimi

I was too engrossed with eating and looking at the items passing in front of us that I forgot about taking photos most of the time.  I remembered to snap some during the start of our meal, including this one of the salmon sashimi. Like most of the ones we’ve eaten here in Welly, these were silky smooth and delicious! I could have chosen to eat just platters of these and I would have been one happy lady.

chili mayo scallop

But of course I couldn’t stop with the sashimi because there were so much more to try! We’ve had several servings of these scallops ones, both in chili mayo and garlic mayo. We also tried the ones with crabstick on them, which S liked better than I did.

inari sushi

We stayed away from the fried food items and focused on the sushi selection. Apart from the salmon sashimi, another one of my personal favorites was the inari sushi. Those little pockets of tofu skin filled with sushi rice always bring a smile to my face. I also stuck with the usual stuff, like the salmon and mackerel nigiri. S was the one feeling experimental and went for a type of beef nigiri. I asked him about it later on and he said that while it was good, he still prefers eating the ones topped with seafood.

By the way, Daruma also serves different ramen types, in case you’re not into eating raw food or are just looking for something a bit heavier.

Daruma pricing

Our experience at Daruma was very positive, and we’d most likely go back for another round of conveyor belt sushi. The staff were very friendly and were willing to assist us when we needed something. The items during our visit were all fresh. Another thing we really liked was that the items on the conveyor belt were quickly replenished so no one had to wait very long for something they wanted.

The only drawback was that it was extremely easy to rack up a big bill by the end, especially with the amount of eating we do! We kept on getting plates off the conveyor belt that I was afraid other customers were thinking we were eating way too much. Haha! Putting that aside, Daruma is clearly a neat option to have when we’re in a hurry and want something satisfying without the need for takeaway. Definitely would recommend you visit!

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