Fisherman’s Plate | Wellington CBD

It’s been gloomy and gray here in Wellington for a few days now, and it’s times like these when we have a hankering for some good noodle soup. Thankfully there’s a couple of places which serve great pho within the city. One of our favorite places to go to is Fisherman’s Plate, a small restaurant tucked away in a side street that’s easy to miss. Don’t be fooled, though. This place may be nondescript, but their food is anything but.

chicken pho

beef pho

Obviously my favorite dish from here is their Chicken Pho (Pho Ga, NZ$13.00). The broth in this is one of the most flavorful ones we’ve tried in Wellington. I’ve had a hard time looking for a place which served decent chicken noodle soup since most places tend to use beef broth. The pho is delicious as it is, but if you’re like me, putting the chopped fresh chili into the soup and squeezing a bit of lemon juice is the best way to go. It really amps up the experience!

There are other items you can choose to have if you don’t feel like having chicken, the Special Combination Noodle Soup (Pho Dac Biet, NZ$16.00) has all sorts of beef items and a poached egg. That’s what my husband gets most of the time. There are also lamb, pork and seafood versions on the menu. I haven’t really had the time to try the other non-beef ones because I’m always drawn to the chicken version.

prawn spring rolls

Sadly, we’ve only ever tried one of their starters and that’s the Prawn Spring Rolls (NZ$9.00). This item is always such a refreshing way to begin a meal. Since the serving size is quite generous, sometimes eating even just this already makes me feel full.

Combination roasted pork and duck

Every once in a while, S goes for the rice dishes on the menu. The one he enjoyed so far is this plate of Combination Roasted Pork and Duck (Vit Va Thit Heo Quay, NZ$18.00). The sauce tastes a bit like curry, and the pickled vegetables on the side helps in cleansing the palate. The serving size is, again, generous and enough for those with big appetites.

When you first drop by for a visit to Fisherman’s Plate, it can be a bit strange to see fish and chips options on the menu. We suggest going straight for the Vietnamese fare, just like how most of the patrons are doing. Seriously, we vouch for the quality of the noodle soup here. They’re superb, no matter what the conditions outside are.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll be braving the rain for a bowl of pho ga.

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