Chow | Wellington CBD

Living in a place that’s filled with so many dining establishments has its perks. We continue to discover new places and get to try them one by one. It does get challenging when we can’t decide which dishes to try though! Luckily, S and I joined some of our friends for lunch on a random weekday to avail of Chow‘s $25 lunch deal, where you get to choose two dishes, your preferred type of rice and a drink. It was a great way to sample some of the things Chow has to offer. It’s worth every penny too, with the serving sizes being so generous!

Pumpkin and cashew fritters, a bowl of vegetable curry and a glass of peach flavored iced tea

I chose to have the Jungle Curry and some Pumpkin and Cashew Fritters, along with a glass of their Peach Iced Tea. I found the drink to be watered down a little too much, so I definitely wasn’t a fan of that. The curry, though, was delicious!

bowl filled with different vegetables in curry sauce

Here’s a closer look at that Jungle Curry. It’s one of the better vegetarian curries I’ve tried in the city. It’s not excessively creamy and that kaffir lime leaf did put a hint of freshness to the entire dish. Two thumbs up from me!

Platter of chopped deep fried squid pieces with dipping sauce on the side

Our friends chose different dishes from me and C asked me to try the Salt & Pepper Squid she ordered. Like all the squid dishes we’ve tried in Wellington, these were tender and beautifully cooked. It was also nice dipped in a bit of that wasabi mayo.

Everyone in our group was so full after the meal, and we still had some leftovers to take home. Thanks to the lunch special, we now know which ones we’ll go for when we return to Chow for another meal. Here’s hoping we find other establishments offering the same! Our tummies and pockets will be more than thankful. 🙂

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