Leeds St. Bakery | Wellington CBD

Nestled in an inconspicuous alleyway is Leeds Street Bakery, a small bakery and cafe which warrants a visit every so often. It’s a nice place to retreat to when you’re in search of a quiet place where you can enjoy a light meal. S and I initially saw posts about it online and it took us a while to finally pay it a visit. It’s truly one of the places I wish we knew about sooner than later, as it has become one of our most recommended spots in the city.

bacon, arugula and sliced tomatoes sandwiched in 2 pieces of bread

We stopped by for breakfast on our first visit. We ordered the BLT and Three Cheese Melt sandwiches which we shared between the two of us. While both sandwiches were beautifully constructed, I have to admit that the stars of the show were definitely the bread themselves. The bread slices were dense and chewy; really a beautiful contrast to the simple and tasty ingredients found in between each slice. The toasted sourdough bread crust found on the Three Cheese ones gave such a nice crunch when we bit into them. It was so satisfying! It’s no wonder people flit in and out of the cafe, with a hot beverage from Red Rabbit Coffee Co. in one hand and a gorgeous loaf of freshly baked bread in the other. It’s such a relaxing thing to watch while slowly enjoying each bite of my bread.

2 pieces of toast topped with 3 kinds of cheese and homemade pickles
Three Cheese with house-made pickles
cup of coffee with a heart and leaf as latte art
Flat White from Red Rabbit Coffee Co.

Apart from the bread, this place is also famous for their salted caramel cookies. We decided to try one, alongside their salted chocolate cookie. I must admit both cookies are worth the hype! If you’re in the area and craving for a chewy, sweet treat, then Leeds Street Bakery has you sorted.

a piece each of chocolate and salted caramel cookie
Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cookies

Discovering a gem like this place made S and I more inclined to wander through the little alleyways more often. There just might be other hidden treasures waiting for us somewhere!

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