Joe’s Garage | Wellington CBD

It’s a challenge to find things to write about after cutting down on the number of times S and I eat out. This is all because we’re saving money and (more importantly) calories for our upcoming trip to Australia. Thankfully, I noticed I have some photos from Joe’s Garage sitting in my phone’s gallery and thought that it was the perfect chance for me to do a little post about that meal.

It was after watching one of the films featured during the Japanese Film Fest when we dropped by Joe’s Garage along Tory Street. It’s a place we see all the time (thanks to our Pokemon Go playtime) but just didn’t get to check out until we couldn’t think of any other place and decided to pop in for a quick bite. 

Chicken burger with chips on the side
Chicken Burger with chips (NZ$19.80)

We arrived after the usual lunch hour and so were seated quickly. I was surprised to see that the restaurant was bigger inside than from the outside. It didn’t take us long to make our choices since we were already hungry. Thankfully, the food didn’t take too long to be served as well! Our friend, C, and I both ordered the chicken burger. The burger looked like a mess, but it was a good kind of mess. Chicken + bacon + cheese + caramelized onions; what’s not to like? It also came with a generous serving of chips on the side, which when dipped in aioli, was very enjoyable indeed.

A small pot of beef cheek and sausages, topped with puff pastry. Chips are served on the side.
Cheeky Joe (NZ$20.80)
a closer shot at the beef chunks inside a small pot

S was so pleased with the dish he chose that he says his mouth still waters whenever he remembers it. The cheeky joe is a dish where a small cast iron pot’s supposedly filled with beef cheeks and spicy bratwurst sausage. Unfortunately, S couldn’t remember if he did find pieces of sausage inside. He did, however, find the beef cheeks to be extremely tender and enjoyable to eat. He also liked dipping pieces of the flaky puff pastry into the sauce. It’s not often that I hear S declaring his love for a dish while he’s still eating it. I guess that means we’ll find ourselves back at Joe’s Garage soon enough!

Joe’s Garage: 5 Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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