Mamak | Melbourne CBD

Like most people today, I often check a restaurant’s website and/or Instagram profile before popping in for a visit. A quick peruse through the menu and a couple of clicks on Instagram make the decision making a bit faster when we’re in the restaurant itself. Sometimes we stumble upon a gem, sometimes we don’t. Our visit to Mamak was a mix of both.

Chicken and Beef Satay (AU$24.00 for a dozen)

The chicken and beef satay skewers were the first things we ordered. The chicken ones were good, although S said that the beef skewers were a bit tough and chewy. The peanut sauce that came with the skewers was sweet AND spicy, a very addictive combo in my opinion. I thought that was the best part, to be honest.

Ayam Goreng (AU$17.00 for 4 pieces)

One dish I was personally looking forward to was the ayam goreng, or Malaysian-style fried chicken. Pictures of this dish was everywhere on Instagram, thus we were so excited to give them a shot since most people raved about it. The chicken pieces looked very impressive when they arrived at our table. While we found the chicken thighs and legs to be nicely cooked and juicy, they unfortunately lacked the flavor to make it really awesome. The meat inside was very bland. We were pretty disappointed with this fried chicken.

Roti Planta (AU$9.00 per piece)

Fortunately, the roti planta was the opposite. It was served hot and came with two kinds of curry dips. I don’t remember what kind of curries they were, but both were fantastic on their own. Mamak serves several kinds of roti, but the buttery roti planta is something we highly recommend. One piece was enough for that evening’s meal, but I could easily polish two to three more if I wanted to.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that the meal was a complete and utter failure. The service was quick and efficient, with the servers being friendly enough. I guess it would just be best if we stick to the roti and the curries next time. Enjoying a dish or not can be very subjective; we’ll just have to remember to keep our expectations low when we see too many glowing reviews on social media.

Mamak: 366 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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