Pour & Twist | Wellington CBD

Things have been crazy over the past few weeks, so I think it’s important to find happiness in the things we do to help keep us sane. So here I am, trying to get back into writing blog posts, while my immense backlog of video games and books to be read are waiting to be tackled too. With how things currently stand, S and I aren’t able to go to restaurants or cafes as much as we used to. We did, however, still get to visit one before the first case of the virus found itself in Welly. Pour & Twist used to have a stall inside Reading Cinemas a long time ago. When the building got closed down for earthquake strengthening, they opened their own shop along Garrett Street.

It took me YEARS before I was able to give them a proper visit. When I finally did, I wanted to kick myself for not doing so earlier. The shop was filled with old cassette tapes, vinyl records, random mini figures and film cameras. It reminded me of my parents’ house and those days when I was still small and carefree. It made me incredibly happy. They also made me feel guilty about leaving my cameras in their little bags, gathering dust.

Nitro Matcha (NZ$8.00)
Malt Chocolate (NZ$6.00)

There were several items I wanted to try on the menu, but I decided to get the Nitro Matcha first. S ordered the cold Malt Chocolate. Both were delicious and served beautifully cold, perfect for that humid Sunday afternoon when we visited. We took our time enjoying the drinks, people watching and talking with some of the folks inside the shop. The ice cubes in our glasses melted as time passed, but thankfully, did not dilute the drinks to the point of undrinkable. Both matcha and chocolate flavours were obviously still there.

white cold brew (NZ$6.50 + 0.20c for takeaway)

A few days later, I popped in for a takeaway after running some errands across the city. I got their (white) cold brew, which was also fantastic. There was an option to add maple syrup, but I decided not to. I think it was the right choice too, as I could fully taste the coffee and even thought it had a hint of fruitiness to it. I’m no coffee pro, though, so that might just be all in my head. :p

Hoping things in the world settle down sooner rather than later. Stay safe and healthy, guys! We still have plenty of places and food to discover together. ❤

*Pour & Twist: 13 Garrett Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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