[Wellington] Kūbo by Leslie’s: Dixon Street

Eating Filipino food is one of the biggest things we miss about living in Manila. There aren’t a lot of Filipino restaurants / food stalls in Wellington. Although we can easily cook most of the basic recipes in our apartment, there are some dishes we simply cannot. Kūbo by Leslie’s is one of the places we go to when we want to enjoy Filipino cuisine, without making a mess in our little kitchen.

Owned by the same family who runs the successful Leslie’s in Tagaytay, Kūbo is a small restaurant which has just recently opened near Cuba Street. We’ve been to the place twice with our friends, and each time we’ve been greeted by friendly (mostly Pinoy) staff. It’s fun interacting with them and hearing what new things they offer.

Kubo_crispy pata

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A Look into Roll for It!

Note: This article was originally published on my previous blog. Photos and text were left unaltered.

S and I have recently introduced our friends here to the joys of playing board games. We have a limited amount of games to choose from right now, so our sessions usually involve a game or two of Ticket to Ride: Europe or Tokaido. If we needed a couple of quick games in between as fillers, we normally reach for Roll for It!.

things inside the box

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[Wellington] HUSK Bar & Eatery: Ghuznee Street

On the random Sundays when I have nothing in my pantry for breakfast, I pester S to head out early for brunch. He normally doesn’t enjoy having his weekend lie-in’s cut short, but the promise of some good grub is always a great motivator.  HUSK isn’t very far from our flat and we’ve heard good things about the place. Instead of visiting for drinks in the evening like most people, though, we thought a meal on a quiet morning was more up our alley. We’re such oldies.


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November Favorites

Okay, not all the things on this list were necessarily bought during the month of November. Some of them were with me for far longer, but it was only during November when I was able to fully enjoy having them with me. I have a pretty mixed bag here, with things for the home, a bit of fashion and a game thrown in for good measure. I don’t know if this favorites list will be something I do monthly, because believe it or not, I’m not much of a spender. I swear!

Skechers Go Lite

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[Wellington] Tatsushi: Victoria Street

In all the searches we’ve done online, Tatsushi was the one which came up the most recommended when it came to real Japanese food in Wellington. We couldn’t pass up on the chance to try it out, so S and I went there early on a Saturday night. We arrived at 5:30pm but the place was already brimming with activity! We spotted several tables occupied by Japanese patrons too. I took that as a sign of good things to come and let me say, the place did not disappoint.

S and I both ordered off their set menus then shared all the items between the two of us. Everything came in small portions but we still ended up feeling satiated afterwards. That’s a very positive thing in my book!

Tatsushi_sashimi and miso soup

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Turning Over A New Leaf

For the past 10 years, I’ve kept another blog where I documented the places I’ve traveled to and the places I’ve eaten at. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with several brands and have met other bloggers, some of whom became my good friends. But like most good things, HaveAtYou.com has finally reached its end. Let’s be honest: I’d probably still end up sharing mostly about food and travel here, but there will surely be other types of content thrown in once in a while. This will be the place where I’ll write about whatever floats my boat at any given moment.

So here’s hoping you’ll join me in this new chapter in blog writing! I hope you’ll enjoy reading the posts as much as I’ll enjoy writing them. Cheers and welcome to the moxy life! 🙂



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