A Look into Splendor

2018 seems to continue as a year for gaming love here in our home! As we weren’t able to fly back to Manila for the holidays, my husband and I decided to play hosts for a small gathering of sorts for New Year’s Eve. My cooking that night was unfortunately not my best, but thankfully it didn’t spoil the rest of our evening. We welcomed the new year with our friends over food, drinks and both board games and video games. It’s an awesome way to start the year, in my humble opinion. One of the most loved games at our disposal right now is called Splendor.

Splendor is designed by Marc André and published by Space Cowboys. It’s a 2-4 player resource management game which focuses on collecting the gems you need to acquire development cards, which in turn will earn you prestige points. The first one to reach 15 points wins the game. Pretty easy, right?

Splendor set up

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