Kazu Japanese Restaurant | Wellington CBD

Our obsession with Japanese food is a well-known fact among our friends, so it’s not surprising that I’m writing a post about another Japanese restaurant. S and I love eating at Kazu Japanese Restaurant not only because their food’s consistently enjoyable, but also because their staff are some of the loveliest people we’ve interacted with. Service here is always A+! Don’t mistake this one for the Kazu Yakitori Bar along Courtenay. They’re under the same company, but we much prefer the vibes at this one along Tory Street.

slices of raw tuna, snapper and salmon on a plate with a bottle of soy sauce in the background
Large Sashimi Plate (NZ$15.00)

Sushi and Sashimi. Always starting our meal with the best way possible! The sashimi plate with its slices of fresh tuna, snapper and salmon is our go-to. It’s honestly a bit on the expensive side, but we don’t mind paying a little more for quality. We’ve also tried their salmon nigiri and California rolls on two different occasions; both were equally superb.

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Daruma | Wellington CBD

S and I enjoy the novelty of the conveyor belt sushi. We don’t go often, but it’s always so much fun when we do. Daruma was the first conveyor belt sushi place we’ve been to in Wellington. They were having the ‘salmon festival’ during out visit and so a good amount of the dishes going around were centered on that type of fish. I’m not complaining because I love salmon!

salmon sashimi

I was too engrossed with eating and looking at the items passing in front of us that I forgot about taking photos most of the time.  I remembered to snap some during the start of our meal, including this one of the salmon sashimi. Like most of the ones we’ve eaten here in Welly, these were silky smooth and delicious! I could have chosen to eat just platters of these and I would have been one happy lady.

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Tatsushi | Wellington CBD

In all the searches we’ve done online, Tatsushi was the one which came up the most recommended when it came to real Japanese food in Wellington. We couldn’t pass up on the chance to try it out, so S and I went there early on a Saturday night. We arrived at 5:30pm but the place was already brimming with activity! We spotted several tables occupied by Japanese patrons too. I took that as a sign of good things to come and let me say, the place did not disappoint.

S and I both ordered off their set menus then shared all the items between the two of us. Everything came in small portions but we still ended up feeling satiated afterwards. That’s a very positive thing in my book!

Tatsushi_sashimi and miso soup

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