Stalactites Restaurant | Melbourne CBD

It’s been four weeks since the lockdown started here and I have to admit I’ve enjoyed all the extra home cooking I’ve been doing. I love being in the kitchen (on most days) and being able to eat healthier in general. It doesn’t mean I don’t miss a handful of restaurants or takeaway places in the city though. One of the cuisines I miss the most is Greek cuisine. I love my souvlaki, moussaka and loukoumades (Greek doughnuts). So here’s a little throwback to our visit to Stalactites a long time ago during our trip to Melbourne. This very well-known restaurant is located in the CBD and is ran by the same family since the 1970’s. It’s open for long hours everyday, and can get absolutely packed. When we finally got a chance to eat there, I understood why the queues can get so long.

Saganaki (AU$14.00)
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Roll’d Vietnamese | Melbourne CBD

One of the places we visited while in Melbourne was the National Gallery of Victoria. I am such a big geek that museums are a must whenever we travel. S and I were aware that it might take us several hours to finish going through all the rooms in the NGV, so we decided to grab some food before heading there.

It was a very hot summer day and we weren’t keen on eating something heavy. Good thing I remembered my brother recommending Roll’d to us and we decided to get some of their Soldiers (rice paper rolls) and a bowl of BBQ Chicken Noodle Salad.

(From top to bottom) Garlic Prawn, Soft Shell Crab and two Roast Duck Soldiers
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The Grand BBQ | Melbourne CBD

S and I don’t mind spending money on food, but we highly enjoy getting our fill of delicious cheap eats. On one weeknight dinner, we met up with my brother for some Chinese food. Located inside the Target Center along Bourke Street, we found ourselves in front of a place called The Grand BBQ. It’s not a fancy place, despite its name. I think it’s more similar to a food stall, but with several tables and chairs surrounding the kitchen/preparation area.

I suggest you know what to order once you get in line, as the lady who takes the order doesn’t muck around. Don’t get me wrong; she wasn’t rude at all (at least I didn’t feel like she was). I’m used to the extremely quick way of getting things done in a Chinese eatery, and I don’t mind. The process was pretty simple too: place your order, pay and get your food stub, grab a seat (and some utensils on your way) then wait for your number to be called. The wait for your food won’t take very long. Maybe not during the lunch hour though, you might have to wait a bit during that time.

Crispy Pork and Roast Duck on Rice
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Mamak | Melbourne CBD

Like most people today, I often check a restaurant’s website and/or Instagram profile before popping in for a visit. A quick peruse through the menu and a couple of clicks on Instagram make the decision making a bit faster when we’re in the restaurant itself. Sometimes we stumble upon a gem, sometimes we don’t. Our visit to Mamak was a mix of both.

Chicken and Beef Satay (AU$24.00 for a dozen)
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